Global sales growth of Saab Parts – Orio improved their position in the market

Orio AB

Orio AB reports for January-June 2016 operating profit of SEK 18 million (42).

Net sales for the period amounted to MSEK 429 (251), a decrease by 11 percent compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

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Net sales for the second quarter of 2016 amounted to MSEK 220 (233), which is a decrease by 6 percent compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous year. Operating result for the quarter was MSEK 13 (17).

The second quarter of 2016 was a good quarter for the group if we look at the sales performance in the Saab segment. In Great Britain, net sales increased compared with the corresponding quarter of 2015, and in our other main markets, America and the Nordic countries, we improved our position in the market“, says Jonas Tegström, CEO of Orio AB.

Jonas Tegström, CEO, Orio AB
Jonas Tegström, CEO, Orio AB

We have also continued with broadening our product portfolio, and initiated a launch of Orio Parts, our range of service and wear-and-tear parts for 26 car makes, which will be made available in several markets during the year“, says Jonas Tegström.

During the quarter, cash flow from operating activities was MSEK 32 (13), largely affected by improved working capital.

Group key ratios April-June
Net sales, Msek  220  233 429 484
Operating profit/loss, Msek  13  17 18 42
Result for the period, Msek  9  12 15 34
Cash flow from operating activities, Msek  32  13 22 23
Equity/assets ratio, %  79%  80% 79% 80%

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  • It would be great, they could increase their sales, if they replied to emails and provided an update for Australian 9-5NG navigation system as they did for NA and Europe to fix time and radio issues. RDS was promised as an update for Australian cars but still not here.

  • 2003 model 9.3 2.0 saab Vector bir arabam var bana göre mevcut araçların en keyiflisi Ancak son 5 yıldır parça ve servis konusunda sıkıntı olduğu için eski keyfi kaçtı

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