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Glacier Blue Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon Project

glacier blue saab 9-5

Here’s another great, and at the same time somehow typical, Saab story that comes to us from Auburn, AL in USA.

His Saab story starts in this way: “My girlfriend has enjoyed driving my wagon over the past 2 years claiming that it “wants to be driven fast”. Given that we each have a big dog, the wagon works out great. We tossed around the idea that we would get her a wagon one day. She saw the Glacier Blue color on the internet and decided that was the color she wanted.”

“I kind of laughed it off as I knew the color was super rare. As fate would have it, one popped up a few months later in Monterey, CA. I made it work out as part of a trip to move my brother from Ventura, CA to Nashville, TN. (I am currently spending the summer in Boulder, CO). We packed up the wagon and my SUV and loaded everything east. It all worked out pretty well.”

Saab 9-5 Aero interior

“I knew the color combination on a aero wagon was rare, but it turns out that this car is 1 of 13 Aero wagons. 10 were automatic, 3 were manual. That being said, the car needs a lot of love. It was a deceptive California car that started its life in Massachusetts. I knew about the dog leg rust that was on it, but of course there’s more where that came from. The seller told me that the incorrect hood was on it because he lost his temper on the original one. Which he did, but only after he had a little run in with a deer. (the part I didn’t know about until I drove 1200 miles). The radiator support is kind of kinked up and the condenser, radiator, and rad fan are likely going to need replacement. The Aero bumper is missing the bottom lip and is cracked from the deer incident. It will need replacing.”

“At 193k on the motor, I knew that I was getting into a project regardless of the body work.”

“However, I have no regrets. I love the car and so does Anna. It may take a couple of years, but we’ll bring it back to it’s former glory.”


  • If you need work on your Saab wagon while in Boulder, their is an excellent Saab repair shop in town. EOS motorsports in Boulder. The head man is Bear, who runs the shop with his mom. Great , knowledge, people who know Saabs inside and out.

  • Beautiful color! I miss by scrab green 9-5 wagon alot!! What awesome cars these are. Hold on to it.

  • Hello! My girlfriend and I are the owners of the blue wagon. I know EOS Boulder well! I spent my last summer in Boulder as well and brought my Espresso Black 9-5 wagon out with me that time around. Unfortunately, my motor blew up a piston on a trip to the mountains. Bear at EOS Boulder and his Mom took excellent care of me when I was in a horrible situation. They also did a lot of diagnostics for me on this Glacier Blue wagon. Most of the time for no charge. I recommend everyone in the Colorado go to see them whenever the need anything Saab related. They always keep a decent supply of parts on hand if you’re a DIY kind of person. Salt of the earth kind of people.

  • I really dont understand what this is supposed to mean “car is 1 of 13 Aero wagons”?
    Are there 13 Saabs with that color in the US or what?

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