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Give Up The Ghost

Saab Sonett III

Give Up The Ghost” by LPX is great song but even greater seeing the old, beautiful Saab Sonett III singer (queen of matching hair and car color) are driving. Sonett III has the leading role in this great music video.

The car in the video is in exceptional condition – 1974 Saab Sonett III. This Saab mdoe was Produced from 1970 to 1974 with a total of 8,348 units and powered by a Ford 1700cc V4 engine making 65bhp. The redesigned version of the Sonett V4, which was the 3rd edition of the SAAB Sonett. The design was done by Sergio Coggiola and Gunnar Sjögren.

Actually, It was originally designed by Italian Sergio Coggiola, but SAAB chief designer Gunnar A. Sjögren changed it to fit the existing chassis without expensive production line changes. The modern Saab Sonett debuted in 1966, but similar to its fifties predecessor, the Sonett II was a very low volume car – just 28 were made that first year – many more than the six Sonett I’s made from ’55-’57, but it was always a low-volume car.

The car was designed in general for the US market and was primarily sold there and with optional dealer installed air conditioning. Sonett III’s hidden headlights were manually operated with a handle. The US safety regulations required new changes to the low-speed headlights after 1972, which significantly detract from the Italian-inspired design.

Disappointing sales, especially during the 1973 oil crisis, led Saab to cease production of Sonett in 1974. A total of 8,348 Sonett IIIs were produced between 1970 and 1974. But that does not stop us from enjoying good music and a beautiful car:

Beautiful song, and one beautiful reminder of one remarkable little swedish car. Saab has always been a small player in the overall automotive market, and some of their more interesting model were produced in quantities under a thousand. Though SAABs are generally ot among the most desired collectibles stadeside, there is consedirable interest over certain models in Europe. One such Saab car is the Sonett, in all variants that were once available on the market.

Sonett III (1970 – 1974) – With a completely new body, the Sergio Coggiola designend S-III is still considered the prettiest of sporty SAABs, and is often mistaken for one of the sporting italina marques. It was fitted with the slightly larger 1700cc Ford V4, but access to the engine was severely limited by use of a small “hatch” in the hood. Later models received the large, crushable bumpers used on the 99. 8348 Sonett IIIs were built.