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German Guy Restores a SAAB He Bought for €300

Saab 900 turbo

This is interesting story about rescuing and resuscitating a Saab 900 turbo.  After the restorers washed the car and removed the dust, they realized that there would be a lot of work to do with restoration of the car.

But in the end, the big work was worth it, says author Ingolf Gottstein, who wants to encourage you to drive a cool classic car or classic car, rather than a shabby new car from the salon. And another thing: the Youngtimer is worth more every day, while the new car first represents a lot of money loss. So turn it on and get infected by the “autovirus”:

As you can see , Saab 900 is really an individualist car, and true car enthusiasts know they appreciate this car.