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Garbage truck on top of Saab 9-5 Wagon

Saab 9-5 crashed into truckSaab 9-5 crashed into truck

Sanitation truck from Warszawa and an Saab 9-5 Wagon were involved today in a vehicle accident in Poland on pedestrian crossing, according to officials. Both drivers were sober and were not injured.

A Sanitation Truck Abruptly Stopped pedestrian crossing, and a Saab driver is not reacted in time – result is A rear-end collision. Typical scenario – a sudden deceleration by the Truck (avoid someone crossing the street) so that the Saab behind does not have the time to brake and collides with the Truck. The Saab’s bonnet can be seen deep under the rear of the lorry.  According to data reported by the NHTSA, the percentage of rear end accidents to all crashes is between 23%-30%.


Fortunately no injuries were reported, mainly due to the structural strength of Saab and The crumple zones in front. 

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