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Funny Saab (e)SID Message That Broke Internet: “Ejection seat failure. Contact hangar”

Saab eSID funny message

The eSID2 is tool that enhance the Saab driving experience, but  it can also be a very good entertainment tool.

You can set a custom Welcome message with this tool, and this feature was used by Henrik Sandback to entertain his friends on Internet.

There are many fun things to write as “Welcome Message“, or “Saab, iconic to many lived by a selec few” or just known message from Turbo X – “Ready for takeoff“… (Owners of the 2008 9-3 Turbo X have the option of setting up a welcome/start up message displayed inSID.) And owners of eSID and eSID 2 can adjust the message they want.

But, This news feed has spread itself over the Web. He wrote “Ejection seat failure. Contact hangar” :) and that Message “Broke” local Internet. As the Swedish Expressen newspaper writes, Henrik Sandback is Saab enthusiast, member of many Saab Facebook Groups. Henrik explains that many users in the groups upload images on their dashboards to help interpret different error messages that appear there.

Then he decided to have some fun, so he set up an message that you would expect in a cokcpit of Fighting plane :)  It’s just the beginning of the story.

If you look at his SID Message now, it is hard to believe that anyone could have been deceived by them, but many were. And also, It got an incredible spread over social networks.

Expressen” Journalist asked the author of the message – Do you have any plans for any other joking message in the future? and he replied: Right now I am pleased with this“.

Another Funny Saab eSID message :)
Another Funny Saab eSID message :) – Message from another author


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