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Funny Classified Ads offer anything imaginable that needs selling, moving, hiring or eliminating, in a fun way. 3 days ago on Craigslist posted interesting, humorous, honest Saab ad :)

The ad is offering a nice Saab 900 S, with a few flaws…

This is a solid running car that drives like a Saab. You can drive it to Portland tonight , get some take-out, and drive right back. Then drive it to work tomorrow. Then park it on a cliff and admire how cool it looks. Sunroof. Leather seats.
Quirks? This car has ’em. For starters, the antenna is broken, so I hope you like NPR, because that’s mostly what you get. The antenna motor still works, so if you replace the antenna you can listen to sports radio or talk radio or Taylor Swift or Mariachi, whatever you want. One of the horn buttons is broken. The turn indicator sometimes refuses to stay down so you have to be the boss and push it down a second time.
Saab-specific issues: The sunroof works, but if you park under a fir tree, like I did, fir needles will eventually clog the forward drain holes and it will rain on your lap. You will need to blow these drains out with an air compressor or can of compressed air every couple months. Alternatively, you can park facing uphill and the rain will flow to the rear drains. Or don’t park under a fir tree. Your choice. The headliner is shot. It is still loosely in place in the front half of the car, but is entirely gone over the back seat. The leather on the drivers seat needs restitching. The ignition key can be fidgety and it doesn’t help that Saab put it in between the front seats down where it collects every crumb and fir needle.
Maybe Saab-specific issue: The transmission shifts smoothly and quietly, but doesn’t want to shift up if you are going up any kind of grade. This may be an easy fix or an expensive fix–I don’t know. I didn’t mind this quirk because you can make the transmission shift up a gear just by letting up on the throttle. I call this car a semi-automatic and once I got used to it I felt I had more control over it-closer to a stick. It downshifts perfectly.
This car has been a dependable, safe and fun ride for me. I have two other vehicles and keeping three cars is completely ridiculous.

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