Funny DIY: Saab with World’s Cheapest Gull-wing doors

Saab gull-wing doors

Here’s a very entertaining, funny Saab video from Orion Dajnowicz. He is Car vlogger who is widely known for comprising one-half of the his Life OD YouTube channel. He has gained popularity there for his drifting vlogs.

For the needs of the latest video, he and his team came up with an interesting idea – how to make World’s Cheapest Supercar Doors (popular Gull-wing doors). Thier “project” is quite simple – remove the door from existing hinges and then install new hinges to the top of the door (bought in Home Depot for $5):

This video hurt to watch but it was still funny. That Saab looked like it was in decent shape, so it was a bit sad when they where destroying the inside of the door, but it had an amazing result in the end so it ok. The project has succeeded, but requires additional adjustments :)