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Fully restored 1979 Saab 99 Turbo

Saab 99 turbo

This is one of the most significant vehicles that Saab ever produced – Saab 99 Turbo. What a true testament to Saab showing just how well their cars were built – and according to many Saab car lovers thi is the most awesome Saab ever built.

We do not have much information about restoring this car,  but how much we can see in a video clip, an extraordinary task was done.  As we found out,  this is Saab 99  Limited Homologation 2-door Special (1979-80) model in rare Acacia Green Metallic 148B colour.

This particular Saab 99 was registered until recently in Holland, and then sold to a new owner in Poland. After that, the car has been completely restored, it is no more rusty,  all metal and plastic parts and complete interior are also restored, as well as the engine.

In the video below you can see cars before and after the rescue, as well as the process of restoration itself:

According to the author of the video, Extensive work was done on this highly detailed restoration. The goal was to keep the car as original and complete as possible. Every detail on this car is beautiful and testifies to the history of a car brand that does not exist anymore. In one word – Fantastic cars, way ahead of their time.

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