Front Big Brakes Kit for Tuned Saab 900 Classic Cars

RBM Performance specialiste SAAB, as a key partner of the Saab car owners in their search for Saab parts, has offered Front BIG brakes kit for Saab 900 classic / now available upon order on RBM performance webshop.

6 piston calipers available in any anodized painted colors, 300 mm diameter sport slotted rotors, sport pads and stainless steel brakes hoses. Direct fit without any mods to any SAAB 900 classic from 1988 to 1994 titres with at least 16 inches wheels. RBM Performance also can provide big brakes kit to SAAB 900 with 15 inches wheels and early Saab 900 classic from 1979 to 1987.

Saab 300mm brake kit

With the improved caliper body strength, increased heat capacity/dissipation than the usual sport package rotors, ease of parts source/pad compounds selection – this kit aims to balance performance, running cost, and versatility in one, For owners of tuned cars, wanting stopping power for at a really good price.  What sets this kot apart from the competition is that each Brake Kit is uniquely engineered for the specific vehicle to achieve the correct brake balance and also work with the stock brake hydraulics and ABS/DSC system.

Saab 900 Classic tuned braking kit 300mm

This kit was mounted on their test vehicle last year – SAAB 900 TURBO RBM 400 HP ++. To remind you, this The Saab 900 classic RBM won the first prize of “elegance” during the Saab festival 2007 organized by SAAB in Sweden for the 60 years aniversary of the Grifin car brand name: