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From Dallas to Sweden: Tour to SAAB headquarters 50 years ago

Kunkle Motors Saab Dealer in DallasKunkle Motors Saab Dealer in Dallas

Here’s an interesting notes on the history of Saab and Saab dealers that happened 50 years ago  1965!

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Meeker, Kunkle Motors, organized a tour in 1965 to SAAB-Sweden headquarters in Linkoping, Sweden.

Saab Factory
Old Saab Factory

On this day in 1965: “Mr. and Mrs. Meeker, owners of Kunkle Motors (Dallas), The oldest continuously owned authorized SAAB dealer in the USA (dealer who is still active), were among some 200 U.S. dealers of the Swedish-made SAAB cars who toured Sweden to attend the annual meeting of American SAAB dealers and see SAAB’s production of both quality automobiles and high-speed jet aircraft.”

Saab Factory

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