Förfina – New free online magazine for SAAB owners and enthusiasts

Forfina - a free magazine for all Saab owners and enthusiasts around the world.Forfina - a free magazine for all Saab owners and enthusiasts around the world.

The Saab community of admirers, owners and enthusiasts around the globe is getting bigger and bigger, although the brand does not exist for nearly 10 years.

Great Saab enthusiast David Dallimore has launched a new free online magazine dedicated to Saab cars and Saab admirers called Förfina. The name of the magazine is interesting, and as the editor says in his editorial, the word is of Swedish origin and meaning “To make more beautiful and attractive“.

All Saab enthusiasts will recognize why the name of the magazine is just like this.

According to David, Plan is to produce four issues (spring, summer, autumn, winter) by which time he will know if it is supported by fellow SAAB enthusiasts, or not. He has plenty of content as he had put together a SAAB library of articles for a now aborted job, but it is important that it reflects the wider greater SAAB community from around the world, hence why he is asking for articles, stories and photos from SAAB owners.

Förfina - New free online magazine for SAAB owners and enthusiasts

If it is successful, the plan is to offer bespoke printed copies to order, which immediately makes them collectable. Articles from readers, the wider Saab community will be published and available for distribution, free of charge. It is hoped there will be factual and some technical articles, along with Saab stories, to be shared.

If you have an article along with photos you would like to see in print, wish to advertise in the nex issue, or simply would like to be added to the notification list, simple e-mail it to [email protected]. In the first issue you can read some of these interesting topics and articles:

• ‘I blame the hormones’ – Buying a 99T.
• ‘Putting on the style’ – Music video.
• ‘Road safety – has it improved?’ – From the archives.
• That special X Factor – submitted by Nathan Blackmore
• Put to the test – Poorboys glaze and wax
• BREXIT checklist – supplied by the FBHV
• Going off grid – submitted by Daniel Cahill, Vice President of the SAAB Club of North America
• Two Icons – Photo shoot by Martyn Edwards

We also eagerly await the following issues of this Saab magazine… Do please spread the word.


  • Many thanks SAAB Planet for featuring ‘Forfina’ on your site. The response so far has been a little overwhelming, which is great. Further pages will be added soon, so keep a look out for updates.

    One final point is the email address is incorrect. It should read [email protected]

  • Fòrfina update: New pages added.

    Dan’s ‘Phoenix’ – from the fire.
    Got it covered? European breakdown? Think again.
    Puurrfection – is this the best looking 9.3?
    Saving fuel – myths, true or false.

  • Great! Much effort creating this new magazine, I enjoyed it and certainly am looking forward to the next one. Congratulations to all involved alongside Dave Dallimore who’s pieces in Saab Driver are always worth reading.

  • Förfina update!
    Ten more pages have just been added to your Förfina magazine.
    To view these pages please visit:

    Happy SAABin’

  • Just to let SAAB Planet members know, the Summer issue of Förfina has now been released!

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