SAAB Funny

For when the unexpected happens, Saab

According to Highway Code GB, you can stop or swerve if an animal’s on the road, so long as it’s not dangerous for other motorists – this is the motive used by the British car insurance service GoCompare for a new video commercial (in which of course Saab appears). GoCompare is the first comparison site to focus on product features rather than just listing the prices, in this case, the insurance service.

Car accidents are hugely distressing. They’re not poking fun, just trying to point out the importance of quality insurance so that people are covered against the financial impact of accidents. It can be a horrible, traumatic experience to be in and one which can be financially draining. They’re simply trying to highlight this and offer their support in the way of free excess cover if you need to claim. Presenting their latest ad, which shows how important it is to have quality car insurance, for when the unexpected happens:

Not wishing to harm the deer (though it sounds like a sheep) of course, but be aware that by taking avoiding action to stop hitting/ killing it animal – you may damage your car more swerving, than hitting it, the insurance will cover both, but you might injure yourself more, or fatally – hard decision.

if you look more closely at the advertisement you will see that Another Saab bites the dust… but still, And if you watch carefully no damage is caused, it’s all CGI. After wiping the nearside out on the Armco, it is miraculously repaired by the time he loses it again.