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For sale: 1973 Saab 99 Notchback Road Race Project

1973 Saab 99 Notchback Road Race Project - $6,0001973 Saab 99 Notchback Road Race Project - $6,000

For sale, 1973 Saab 99 Road Race Car project, asking $6,000, extensive spares available.

This has been a hard decision to make (for seller Drew Price), but he has not had the motivation or made the time to work on this car anymore, and he hoping that someone who knows and wants the car might want to tackle the last few things that it needs to get it driving again.

As it sits now seller listing it for $6,000, somewhat negotiable, especially if you are interested in spares as listed at the end. He would put the car as being between 90-95% complete, and all of the hard fabrication and custom work is already done. Almost everything that’s left can be done with bolt-on parts.

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The extensive build thread is here on and documents almost everything that has been done to the car from start to finish, with fabrication and modification notes, parts interchanges, and build details. An extensive photo album of the car’s current condition is here.

Saab 99 Race project - engine bay
Saab 99 Race project – engine bay

All of the fabrication and mechanical work was done by Drew or his brother. He used to be a professional Saab technician, and all of the work was done to a very high standard using only OEM and old-stock parts, some of which were very hard to find.

Pertinent details:
-Rust free 1973 Saab 99 LE notchback body still wearing original paint, 1973-only Brilliant Yellow, code Y9
-Clean and clear California title on non-operation, with no back fees
-Extensive body lightening (door skins, undercoating, polycarbonate windscreen and windows)
-Custom hand fitted fully tig-welded 4130 chrome-moly roll cage built to FIA-253 (stage rally) specification
-Fresh rebuilt with zero miles N/A B202 twin-cam engine, firewall clearanced to accomodate larger footprint engine
-Fresh rebuilt with zero miles GM 456-06 5-speed transmission
-Fidanza 9 lb aluminum flywheel with 6-puck Clutchnet clutch
-Fresh non-power steering rack
-Complete suspension with all brand new bushings and balljoints, and vented disc brakes and calipers from 1991 Saab 900 Turbo
-Lowered ride height road racing suspension setup with new Bilstein B6 dampers and Intrax springs from Saab 900
-Two Bimarco Expert racing seats with valid FIA-8855 safety stickers

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The car as it sits now weighs 1,850 pounds. The car still needs the following to be made running:
-Cooling system (radiator, fans, hoses, engine oil cooler)
-Fuel delivery system (pump or pumps, fuel lines)
-Fuel injection system – he has parts to set it up to run on Saab Trionic5 fully sequential engine management system
-Exhaust system
-Pedal box and brake lines
-Wiring – He has a complete Saab 900 body wiring harness that fits almost perfectly to wire the lights that is included

Seller says - I'm a little sad, but have moved on to other hobbies that are taking up my free time!
The Seller says – I’m a little sad, but have moved on to other hobbies that are taking up my free time!

Drew also has extensive spare parts available at negotiable additional cost since he intended to race this car, including but not limited to:
-Exterior lights
-Exterior mirrors
-Glass, including original front windows, windshield, rear window)
-Extra set of Ronal 8-spoke wheels
-Lightly used racing slicks
-Suspension hard parts (front control arms, hubs, complete rear axle, power steering rack that could be adapted)
-Brakes (new rotors, pads, spare calipers)
-Additional suspension springs and dampers in various rates
-Extra engine (turbocharged if desired)
-Extra transmissions and transmission parts
-Clutches, flywheels, engine sensors, halfshafts, stock and modified ECU’s, etc etc etc.

Goran Aničić
the authorGoran Aničić
For over 10 years, Goran Aničić has been passionately focused on Saab automobiles and everything related to them. His initial encounter with Saab cars took place back in 2003 when the first Saab 9-3 and sedan version were introduced. At that moment, he was captivated by the car's Scandinavian design logic and top-notch engineering, and everything that followed stemmed from that first encounter. Later on, through his work at the editorial team of the Serbian automotive magazines "Autostart" and later "AutoBild," he had the opportunity to engage more closely with Saab vehicles. In 2008, he tested the latest Saab cars of that time, such as the Saab 9-3 TTiD Aero and Saab 9-3 Turbo X. In 2010, as the sole blogger from the region, he participated in the Saab 9-5ng presentation in Trollhättan, Sweden. Alongside journalists from around the world, he got a firsthand experience of the pinnacle of technological offerings from Saab at that time. Currently, Goran owns two Saabs: a 2008 Saab 9-3 Vector Sportcombi with a manual transmission, and a Saab 9-3 Aero Griffin Sport Sedan from the last generation, which rolled off the production line in Trollhättan in December 2011.

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