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At the moment they are expanding facilities here in Örebro, and have also increased the workforce to make they service for as as good as possible.

MapTun has from the beginning developed from a small company specializing in Saab software development, to a full service establishment within car tuning. Dramatic increase in turnover in the past years has enabled us to invest heavily in a modern workshop, state of the art technical equipment and a qualified staff.

In addition to market leading software we today offer a rance of workshop services, from advanced engine builds, gear boxes and a wide array of tuning parts for a number of car makes and models.

The last two years have seen a lot of development time put into upgrades of Saabs revolutionary BioPower models, as well as aftermarket conversions of newer Saabs to run on ethanol. With the know-how we today possess within ethanol tuning, we do not hesitate to refer to ourselves as “MapTun – the ethanol specialist”!