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First Time on the Track: Saab 9-3 AER Racing car!

First Time on Track - Saab 9-3 AER racing carFirst Time on Track - Saab 9-3 AER racing car

In one of the previous articles we wrote about the new racingSaab 9-3 AER racing car project from eEuroparts.

It’s an Saab 9-3 ‘04 Arc, so that meant it could be (and is) equipped with F40 6-speed and the B207R engine. The idea for this car was to make it as light as possible, while retaining the factory look. It is important to keep upgrades simple and proven.

One goal of this build was to make sure that those who want some more performance out of their street 9-3SS have access proven and tested Saab performance products available through

eEuroparts team end (lofty) goal is to try to get together a spec Saab 9-3 racing series where everyone can pick up an old Saab 9-3ss for cheap, convert it into a great race car, and meet up with like minds on their local race track with an even playing field of competition.

Very first time team take it out to see the new world and it rains, of course. Well at least nothing exploded, and everything is a GO for tomorrow’s test and tune at Lime Rock Park. View with sound, it’s the first drive and nothing exploded. Track day test and tune yesterday at Lime Rock Park. Stay tuned as the Saab 9-3 AER race car goes through it’s paces, and the racing livery is unveiled:

Just a day after their AER Saab goes for the very first test drive, they are at Lime Rock Park to see just how it goes around. Welcome to the LRP Autocross course, next time they come back will be eEuroFest 2017:

More about this project racing car can be found on this page.