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First-hand look at Saab Sonett’s newest speed record breaking ride

Saab Sonett II

In the beginning of October, we wrote about the great Speed adventure of the Fort Dodge group of Saab enthusiasts led by Tom Donney, when his team attempt to break land speed barrier at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

This group of car enthusiasts joined forces to try to break theland speed barrier at the Bonneville Salt Flats. And … they succeeded in that,  several times. During the summer of last year they managed to further increase the power of the Saab Sonett II. That gave them just enough power to maybe increase their record slightly. (122.5mph)

Saab Sonett II racaer

So they ran in September at World of Speed and set TWO record in the larger I engine class (751-1000cc). Records set were 122.6mph and then 126.6mph. They found some more power adn they then set other sights on the World Finals with a slightly smaller engine in the J class (501-750cc). They had the right car, the right crew and the right conditions. Team ran their fastest run ever at 128.758mph. Look at this great success, from Tom’s seat:


128.758mph – That is an average speed for 1 mile with a top speed of 129+mph. Over 100MPH in 3rd gear! 750cc 2 Stroke running J/GT at Bonneville Salt Flats. Congratulations to Tom and his team for their great success! In short, 14 records in 2 cars and 3 different classes. 

This is the team that managed to set all of those records at Bonneville with Saab Sonett II:

  • Patti Herbert Donney
  • Steve Davis
  • David Roe
  • Verlyn Gregerson
  • Steve Myers
  • Isaac Poldervaart
  • Chuck Crimmins
  • Will Roberts
  • Kitty & Reg Pitts
  • Mike Cebula
  • Pavel Osovets
  • Tom Donney

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