First 40 years of Saab Car Museum

Saab Car Museum TrollhättanSaab Car Museum Trollhättan

Saab Museum turns 40. Saturday, October 24 is celebrated at the museum in Trollhättan.

The Saab Car Museum (Saab Bilmuseum) is an automobile museum in Trollhättan, Sweden. It covers the history of the Saab brand of automobiles manufactured by Saab under various owners since 1947. The Saab Car Museum collections comprise around 120 cars and approximately 70 of them are on show.

Saab Car Museum
Saab Car Museum

The Saab Car Museum first opened its doors in 1975. The initiator was Albert Trommer, a legendary manager of the activities for visitors at the then Saab-Scania Car division. The first museum premises were somewhat modest. Situated in the cellar, under the old Saab-ANA retailer facility, the museum was not at all easy to find.

Many visitors found themselves at Saab’s main gate on Stallbacka where they were given a copy of a map to help them find their way. But it was worth the effort it took to find the place. All the milestones were there, including the Saab 92001, “Ursaaben”. Everything was there that had been saved and hidden from the scrapyard over the years.

The SAAB Tour in Trollhättan 2015 in 4K Resolution

On the occasion of the Great Jubilee,  team from the organization SaabHalle created this great video “Saab Car Museum Tour” in cooperation with ecoon Production. Thanks to SaabHalle team on this great video, in the name of all those who have not yet visited Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan:

Who has the opportunity, can join the Saab team in celebrating 40-year anniversary on Saturday, October 24th at the Saab Car Museum.


  • Whilst a member of the RAF and stationed in Germany in the late 90’s I collected two of my five 900’s from Trolhatten and was shown round a small SAAB museum at the factory which included various rally cars as well as early models. It was nowhere as big as this, so is this the same one but moved to larger premises a larger version of the same thing or a completely separate enterprise. Being a complete SAABaholic I would certainly be interested in coming back to Sweden and going for a look.

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