Fatal Crash – Saab Viggen Thief Burst into the Church

Fatal Crash - Saab Viggen Thief Burst into the ChurchSaab Viggen Crash

Columbus police from Ohio (US) investigate the scene where a Saab crashed into the Compel Christian Center on W. Mound Street near S. Wayne Avenue. One man was killed early Thursday when a car crashed into a Hilltop church. Investigators were working to determine the cause of the crash, but tire tracks on the sidewalk appeared to indicate that the vehicle jumped the curb and plowed through a sign before crashing through church walls.

Blue Saab Viggen

According to a police report, the westbound blue Saab Viggen “was traveling at an extremely high speed on W. Mound when the driver failed to negotiate a curve, his car jumping a curb on the southwest corner of the intersection with S. Wayne Avenue, crashing through a chain-link fence and striking the east wall of the church. The driver died at the scene. The car, a 2000 Saab Viggen, was registered to a Pennsylvania woman, and allegedly, the Saab was stolen. Police said the car was going an estimated 75 mph when the crash occurred. The posted speed limit at the intersection near Hilltonia Park is 25 mph, they said.

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  • It was my ex-wife’s car, reported stolen when it was not outside in the morning. I had just restored it, new engine, top, refurbished seats 114K miles, it was a beauty. I was selling to ot a friend for a very god price knowing it would be taken care of. 2000 Lightning Blue Viggen Convertibles are very rare.

  • That’s a terrible shame. First, of course, that the person died. I’m always concerned about the safety of my old convertible, and I take extra care. Sorry JSSaab that the old Viggen was written off. Looks like it was going at a fair old clip, I think any crash over 35 or 40 mph in this car isn’t going to end well.

  • Shame for many reasons. Yes, a person died, but a Viggen needs responsible driving. Unfortunately, there are many more car thieves than Viggens around, so I feel more sorry for the car and owner… Suitable though, both car and driver ends their lives in a church…

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