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“Fast Freddy” – Racing Saab Sonett II V4

Saab Sonett V4 race car

This Saab Sonett V4 has a race-tuned 150 hp 1700 V4 engine, sedan gearing, a Sonett III floor shifter, lots of suspension and body upgrades and extremely wide wheels and tires. This car was recently painted and work is in progress to replace the interior upholstery and carpeting.

This Sonett  is now owned by Mark Ashcraft and was owned by his father Jack Ashcraft for many years. They called the car “”Fast Freddy” as it has been extensively modified and has 1.7 liter V4 that produces about 150 HP at 8,000 RPM. His father used the car for many years as his auto cross and hill climb race car.

Saab sonett II

In over 10 years of racing Jack Ashcraft was never beat in his class  and took top time of the day on several occasions at the auto cross. He got the car from a friend and customer who owned it from new named Fred Champion.

When Mark got the car it had its race engine but was in poor shape body wise. He had the car painted and put some new interior upholstery in it around 2002. Then, the car takes on his brother, and it further improves Sonett. 0-60mph in this car comes up in about 6 seconds.

A lot of the performance enhancements this car were developed by Jack, Marks step brother Chis.

Saab Sonett V4 Racing Car

Saab Sonett II V4

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