Famous Saab Quantum IV (1964) now on sale

Saab Quantum

Famous  1964 Saab Quantum IV Formula S, race car, now on sale via eBay.  Main photo is a restored Quantum’s and NOT THE ACTUAL CAR FOR SALE !! ( But it will look like that when you are done….right! :)

This car was owned by the Late Bertil Sollenskog of Chicago, Illinois.   Bertil had started restoring this car in between working on his 1966 Saab Monte Carlo that holds a Land Speed Record at Bonneville Salt Flats.  He had the frame sand blasted and re-primed and ready for assembly.  He repaired any spot that looked bad and as you can see from the photos did a real nice job with it.  As you can see from the pictures it is in total pieces and will need complete re-assembly.

saab piec

Many of the sub components have already been cleaned and or rebuilt.  The car has NO engine but is set up for the 3 cylinder Saab two stroke set.  There is a set of triple carbs with manifold for the car.

saab p1saab1