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Famous Saab 900 From the Oscar Winning Movie “SIDEWAYS” Sells For $8,495

1987 Saab 900 Turbo From the Oscar Winning Movie "SIDEWAYS!"

Saab cars have participated in the shooting of a large number of movies and TV series, and many of these cars have gained some cult status. In general, as far as Saab’s models are concerned, in our opinion, the Saab 900 Convertible is still in the first place, ahead of all other models. The 900C has appeared in so many places in popular culture that it’s amazing.

Just one such 900C, which participated in the filming of the Oscar-winning film “SIDEWAYS“, was put up for sale. It’s your chance to own the most important car from ‘SIDEWAYS.’ According to the seller’s announcement “this is your chance to own the most iconic Saab 900 in movie history“. Now, this may not be the most important Saab car in the history of film, but it is certainly important because it has great collector’s value, even outside the Saab enthusiastic community.

A seller from Los Angeles offers his 1987 Saab Turbo Convertible that’s the actual car driven by Paul Giamati in the Oscar Winning Movie Sideways. He acquired it about a year ago and have only driven it a few hundred miles. Car Was currently being used for Sideway’s Wine Tours where the movie was filmed/last two pictures are those of the author Rex Picket next to the car.

1987 Saab 900 turbo convertible
The famous Saab from the Oscar fillet may be yours, not in a great condition, but it has an interesting history behind

The Saab 900 was recently serviced by Swede Masters in Santa Barbara which included Transmission service, exhaust, new hoses and belts, and few other smaller items. The total was almost 2k and the receipt is included with the sale. In the past 6 months, seller has added a new battery, 4 brand new Yokohama Avid Tires ($500), new spark plugs, and a new cap and rotor. The car runs and drives very well. It starts every time, even after months of sitting in my garage. There are a few squeaks here in there and could certainly benefit from a check-up, but cruises down the road at 65mph without any issues. The turbo works great.

If you read any of the Saab forums, you’ll learn this car was originally silver. However the director (Alexander Payne) wanted red exterior with black interior – which are almost impossible to find. So Sideways Inc, purchased this car in 2003 and had it painted. (all documentation included with sale)

The Saab includes a perfectly clean Carfax, set of extra keys, manuals, (2) 36″ Posters – one of all provenance and an original movie poster, car cover, and probably a few extras I’m forgetting. The Saab Turbo has absolutely NO RUST, and has only been in Florida, Arizona, and California. The interior has a few rips/wear and is all original leather. The radio works, the lights works, the heat works… The interior is missing the dimmer switch. The exterior is scratched up and has a few minor dings – same as the movie if you watch it closely.

Sideways (2004) Trailer
Sideways (2004) Trailer

The Saab is currently listed on Ebay where you can bid, or you can contact seller directly.


  • Originally owned by Walter Wong, Saab Master Tech in Los Angeles (Right Solution). Walter is now retired and living in Peru, but he was in Los Angeles for a couple of months this Spring/Summer and talked about the origins of this car in the latest Saab & Driving show on June 27th, 2021.

  • Quick story, when corporate moved to Atlanta, the parts warehouse was outsourced to Caterpillar in Pa….when the Meriden warehouse was finally emptied one thing was left behind. THE FIRST SAAB 900 CONVERTIBLE. It was in the lobby, I had the key and alarm code for emergency situations. I was seriously thinking of taking it and hiding it my fathers house in New Jersey.. sadly, I never got the nerve.

  • The car in the film was intentionally damaged during one scene. I’m curious if that was a “stunt double” or if this one was repaired. If so that should appear on the Carfax history.

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