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Fake Beggars Drives Off in a Saab Convertible

Saab Convertible

The interesting Saab story comes from the sunny Florida. The police authorities there (Ormond Beach Police Department) noted an interesting case of scams last week.

Ormond Beach Police Department published this photo – This passer-by photographer caught the moment these scammers got out of their car – Saab Convertible – to go to work.

Saab 9-3/900 Convertible
Saab 9-3/900 Convertible

Beginning last week, Ormond Beach Police recieved information that these gentleman were in the area of Williamson and Granada holding a sign while soliciting for money. An outraged viewer contacted Police after he watched a two man beg for money in a shopping center.

A few minutes later, they put their bags in the Saab Convertible and drove away.

Saab Convertible

To this news, there were many comments, both serious and humorous:

First thing I thought of – which sure not true but if my young brother with social problems and little extra or no money ask me to help drive him to get some extra cash for next week medicine I had a car picked him up at his group home I would , oh and I drive a SAAB . So if this was there story what kind of scum would I be?

Dudes got 15 year old SAAB still running…I’d give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s broke

It’s 14+ y/o SAAB. From the car alone, trust me they’re broke.

Really? All I see is two men sitting by a Saab. Where’s the picture of them in it? I can take a picture like this and post it too. If you’re going to post crap like this post the real pictures and stop filling up the feed with nonsense.

However, BEWARE of who you donate your money to…


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