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Extended Saab 99 GLE-L

Saab 99 GLE-LExtended Saab 99 GLE-L

Pic of the week this time comes from the Valmet Automotive company. This is the first extended Saab model made in Valmet Autoomotive in Uusikaupunki (Finland) – Saab 99 GLE-L from 1976. The front part comes from the Saab 99, the rear from the future Saab 900. The chassis is prolonged by 25 cm, featuring the famous “sauna window”.

Saab 99 sauna window

Like this extended Saab 99 GLE-L, In 1977 Valmet Automotive had created an elongated executive model of the Saab 99 combi-coupé named “Finlandia“.