EV Electra and the Saab Factory: Navigating the Future of the Emily GT Project

EV Electra's Emily GT Project: Navigating Negotiations for Trollhättan's Saab Factory Future

The sleek and innovative EV Electra Emily GT symbolizing a new era of electric automotive excellence.

The story of EV Electra and its acquisition of the Emily GT and PONS projects from NEVS continues to unfold. Recent articles from TTELA have shed light on the ongoing negotiations and plans surrounding the former Saab factory in Trollhättan, revealing the dynamic nature of these discussions.

Stenhaga Invest’s Open Door Policy

Stenhaga Invest, the current owner of the old Saab factory, remains open to potential tenants, including EV Electra. CEO Svante Andersson has expressed a willingness to work with various interested parties, including Jihad Mohammad of EV Electra. Andersson’s positive outlook on Mohammad’s investment in Trollhättan and openness to him renting space in the factory suggest a collaborative future.

New Dawn: Stenhaga Invest Assumes Full Control of the Iconic SAAB Factory in Trollhättan
New Dawn: Stenhaga Invest Assumes Full Control of the Iconic SAAB Factory in Trollhättan

The Possibility of Leasing

Although initially, Jihad Mohammad expressed interest in purchasing the Saab factory, Andersson clarified that selling the factory is not currently an option for Stenhaga Invest. However, a lease agreement remains a possibility. This flexibility from Stenhaga Invest could play a critical role in EV Electra’s decision-making process regarding the Emily GT production.

Mohammad’s Diverse Strategy

Jihad Mohammad has been active on social media, discussing various options for the Emily GT project. These include contract manufacturing outside Sweden and purchasing land from the city of Trollhättan to build a new factory. These statements suggest a multi-faceted strategy as part of broader negotiation tactics.

The Emily GT prototype, a beacon of EV Electra's innovation, poised in Trollhättan's historic Saab factory.

The Challenges Ahead

According to automotive expert Mikael Wickelgren, Mohammad faces an “ultramarathon” in bringing the Emily GT project to fruition. The journey involves not only financial challenges but also the endurance and persistence required in the automotive industry.

Speculations on Financial Capability

Discussions continue in various circles about whether EV Electra, under Mohammad’s leadership, has the financial muscle to see this project through. The path ahead is not just about capital but also about strategic negotiations and sustained efforts.

The NEVS Emily GT prototype on display at eCarExpo, capturing the spotlight with its innovative design and electric prowess in Gothenburg.

Conclusion: A Future Filled with Potential and Uncertainty

As EV Electra navigates through these complex negotiations and planning phases, the future of the Emily GT and the former Saab factory remains filled with potential and uncertainty. The willingness of Stenhaga Invest to consider leasing options, combined with Mohammad’s diverse strategic approach, paints a picture of a situation that is still very much in flux.

Looking Ahead: The Next Steps for EV Electra and Trollhättan

The future of Trollhättan’s automotive heritage and the success of the Emily GT project hinge on the outcomes of these ongoing discussions and negotiations. Stakeholders and automotive enthusiasts alike eagerly await further developments, hopeful for a resolution that revitalizes Trollhättan’s legacy in the automotive world.


  • Sorry not even close to a Saab and never will be also wrong direction to start in again EV are not even half way convenient and will not be for decades, smart move would have been starting the old Saab manufacturing up

  • Whilst I wish EV Electra the best in this venture, I’m looking at what it took Jim Ratcliffe / INEOS to get the Grenadier to market. The Emily project is starting from a different place (in that it was someone else’s vision), but the overall development process and financial trajectory is likely to be similar.

    As for whether EVs are the answer, that’s a different question altogether. Currently, it is the way the market is going. It may be in another 10 years, different technologies or environmental pressures will take things in a different direction. Resurrecting old Saab, much as many of us think we would like it, does not seem an idea with much prospect of a profitable future.

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