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eSID2 now supporting multiple languages

Saab eSID 2 toolSaab eSID 2 tool

For those who still have not heard, The eSID2is the second generation of a small tool that enhance the Saab driving experienceon Saab 9-3 MY07 and newer cars by collecting internal hidden car data and present it to the driver on the built-in SID (Saab Information Display) located in the instrument cluster.

It is easily installed under less than a minute and focuses on Integration in existing vehicle functions and providing a range of new functions, such as Three-Blink when touching the turn indicator, Momentary Fuel Consumption, Torque/Power, Manually controlled Wiper interval function, Drive Time, Intake Air Temperature and much other useful information and additional  functions for every Saab from MY207.

Saab eSID2
Saab eSID2

It is perfectly integrated with the vehicle and is controlled using the normal steering wheel switches.
The unit is sold with a OBD-connector housing and can easily be mounted/removed from the vehicle within seconds.

From last month, eSID2 that contains more languages than just English. One more language has been possible to squeeze in and the first versions out are 1) English/German and 2) English/Swedish.

It is possible to upgrade already sold units (eSID2) with new multi-language support (see prices on website), but as a complement to upgrade they also offer a 20% discount on one new unit for old customers (eSID1+eSID2) until end of June.


The first version (eSID1) was developed in 2011-2013 and produced in a small series. It was powered by an Atmel ATMega MPU and had several limitations, one being a single CAN-controller and secondly the memory space. How this useful  little device works in practice, see the next video clip: