Erik Carlsson Challenge Trophy

Erik Carlsson and 1972 SAAB Sonett III, August 7, 2005, International SOC, Essen, Germany.Erik Carlsson and 1972 SAAB Sonett III, August 7, 2005, International SOC, Essen, Germany.

The Dutch Saab Classic Rally Team was founded in 2021 by Ad van Beurden and consists of enthusiastic Saab drivers. The members of the DSCR actively participate in card reading rallies every year. Dutch SAAB Classic Rally Team is a small-scale and enthusiastic rally team for active rally drivers with a SAAB, who annually participate in rallies under the flag of DHRC or NRF.

This team of car enthusiasts is open to all new potential members, and they are not required to make any special contribution and are not burdened with organizational obligations at the start. Team members are eager to learn from each other, both in driving and in navigation in various rally competitions for classic cars. In addition, technical questions are also regularly exchanged, and of course classic Saab cars are the backbone of all topics.

In addition to participating in various rally competitions, this year they decided to start their own rally competition for classic cars, named after the most famous Swedish rally driver who is synonymous with SAAB cars in the sporting sense. It is of course the famous Erik Carlsson.

New Rally Challenge – Erik Carlsson Challenge Trophy

It is unnecessary to spend words explaining who Erik Carlsson was, but let’s prepare those who have not heard of this famous name. Erik Carlsson (1929-2015) was Saab’s most famous and celebrated rally driver. Carlsson has won countless victories in rallies, including his navigator Gunnar Palm for Saab. The name Saab and Carlsson are inextricably linked.

In honor of Erik Carlsson, this Dutch team of car enthusiasts is launching their own rally competition.

The organizers imagined that within this competition there would be 5 races a year that count towards the Erik Calrsson challenge trophy, namely two KLKs (Map reading rally), a winter rally, a summer rally and the so-called Viking rally. Anyone who has participated in any of the listed rally drives will automatically be included in the competition to win the Carlsson Challenge trophy.

Both the touring class and the sports class have a separate point system, so the touring class has the same chance of winning the desired trophy as the sports class. In order for the entire competition to be as regular as possible, everything will be taken care of by the chief accountant of this organization, Henry Dommerholt, who will closely monitor the situation at the races.

The positions will be published on the website of the Dutch Saab Classic Rally Team, In addition to the challenge trophy, the winners receive two beautiful cups for their performance.


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