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Endless Mountains Vintage Saab Jamboree

Vintage Saabs

Endless Mountains Vintage Saab Jamboree in Clifford Township, Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization that promotes the vintage Saab community and its hobbies. This is a car show and swap meet, complete with vintage SAAB Tech Sessions and Seminars.

3rd Annual Endless Mountains Vintage Saab Jamboree was held last weekend on June 8-9, 2018. This event welcomes all Saabs and Saab Enthusiasts, but the events main focus is on the Vintage Saab 92’s, 93’s, 95’s, 96’s, 99’s, and lastly Sonnetts.

Here is a short clip of our cruise of Vintage Saabs that took place during the 3rd Annual Endless Mountains Vintage Saab Jamboree on June 8-9. Please enjoy:

The organizers were planning  activities for both days such as; tech session on installation of a 2-stroke motor and setting up on the next day by Jim Hutchinson, V4 tech session by Jack Lawrence, a vintage Saab rides, silent auction to help cover the cost or to local charity of your choice… They had an awesome weekend last Saturday, as we once again got together to do the “SAAB” thing.

Their little SAAB USA community is not only very active, but growing, as groups are coming together from; S.A.A.B.S., The SAAB Project, SAAB Klubben of Charlottesville, Virginia SAABs and the Virginia SAAB Driving Club to jointly meetup. This has been a most refreshing experience for all involved, as SAAB; owners, collectors, enthusiasts and aficionados seem to be coming out of the “woodwork” to share stories, expertise and create special friendship and meaningful relationships.