Electric roads – NEVS partner Elways develops technology for supplying vehicles with electricity while in motion!

NEVS 9-3 EV on electric road

This new technology sounds almost incredible, just imagine only, you drive your EV car and you do not need batteries – You get the energy from the road infrastructure. Something like a trolleybus, electric trains or trams… Electric roads (electrified roads)…

Precisely, this technology is developed by their (NEVS) partner company Elways.

In simpler terms, there are two methods for powering vehicles with electricity: stored battery power and direct feeds while in motion. Both of these methods are more than a hundred years old. Battery-powered cars had already generated considerable interest by the late 1800s and trams are still in use in many cities. Trains and subways are mostly electrified.

An electrical arm under the car

Electric roads with Elways

Elways develops technology for supplying vehicles with electricity while in motion. With the electric road you can run an electric car and get charged while driving. Unlike a trolley that does not have a batterys, the new EV vehicles will have batteries and be charged from the electric roads.

Electric trains and trams have an upper electrical arm,  while according to this idea, EV vehicles have an electrical arm under the car detects and connects automatically to track in road.

NEVS partner Elways is part of a consortium offering electrification of a public road in Sweden as part of Europe’s biggest Innovation Procurement.

There are many reasons to exploit this technology; and the main reason is to reduce the harmful impact on the environment. By building electrified roads such, we can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 80 to 90 percent.

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