Swedish Millionaire Confirms: Production of Electric Cars Based on Emily GT Project to Commence in Trollhättan

Revival of NEVS Emily GT Project in Trollhättan

Svante Andersson: "I know who they are but it's not something I want to talk about. It may come from Nevs but I can say that it is a significant part of the factory that they will use, also offices and they need to employ a large number of employees"

Exciting developments are underway in Trollhättan as the NEVS Emily GT project, a highly anticipated electric vehicle, is set to make a remarkable comeback. The recent acquisition of the Saab factory by Millionaire Svante Andersson and his company, Stenhaga Invest, has breathed new life into the once-dormant automotive facility. Both local and international motor enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the revival of the NEVS Emily GT, which promises to be a game-changer in the world of electric cars.

The NEVS Emily GT

The NEVS Emily GT, an electric grand tourer, had garnered significant attention when it was initially developed in secrecy by NEVS engineers within a record-breaking period. With its cutting-edge features, such as an electric motor on each wheel, impressive range, and spacious interiors, the NEVS Emily GT has captivated the imagination of automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

After NEVS experienced financial difficulties earlier, many were uncertain about the fate of the Emily GT project. However, the recent news of a secret investor signing an intention agreement to acquire the project and resume car production at the Stallbacka factory has sent waves of excitement through the automotive industry.

The incredible NEVS Emily GT. Its unique design, powered and optimized for ProteanDrive in-wheel motors, offers unparalleled advantages.

The Emily GT project has great significance for Trollhattan

Svante Andersson, a renowned motoring enthusiast and the new owner of the ex-Saab factory, has confirmed the exciting developments. While he remains tight-lipped about the identity of the investor, he hints at the significance of their involvement, suggesting a substantial portion of the factory will be utilized for production.It’s a substantial area,” he revealed in an interview with TTela, “indicating that a significant number of people will be employed in Trollhättan.”

Andersson’s enthusiasm for the NEVS Emily GT project is palpable, and he praises the dedication of NEVS employees who have worked tirelessly to bring the project to fruition. Their unwavering commitment, even in the face of uncertainty about their own job security, has been instrumental in making the revival of the project a reality.

The Secret Electric Supercar Project Uncovered: Inside NEVS' Emily - A Game-Changing Swedish Masterpiece
The Secret Electric Supercar Project Uncovered: Inside NEVS’ Emily – A Game-Changing Swedish Masterpiece

Already this autumn there will be full activity!

For now, it is a secret who the investors are, Svante Andersson knows the details, but is not allowed to talk about it. It will now be up to Nevs when all the details of the venture will be made public. But it is about a large part of the factory area that will be used for car production again.

The timeline for the project’s relaunch is expected to be announced after a meeting between the parties involved during week 32. With the factory anticipated to be buzzing with activity as early as autumn, Trollhättan residents are eagerly awaiting the positive impact this venture will have on the local economy and job market.

ESQS was part of NEVS Emily GT project - they have provided aluminum rims with specially designed aerodynamics for electric vehicles
ESQS was part of NEVS Emily GT project – they have provided aluminum rims with specially designed aerodynamics for electric vehicles

Apart from the NEVS Emily GT project, Andersson has been actively pursuing other tenants for the former Saab factory. He reveals that he has around 35 potential tenants in discussions, most of them being prominent companies. The collaboration between local authorities and private enterprises has been instrumental in attracting businesses to invest in the area, further bolstering Trollhättan’s prospects as an automotive hub.

It looks like all the hard work of the visionaries who worked on the NEVS Emily GT project will pay off

Nina Selander, the CEO of NEVS, has also played a crucial role in steering the project in the right direction. With the project gaining international attention, she has been negotiating with numerous interested parties to ensure a bright future for the NEVS Emily GT.

The return of the NEVS Emily GT project has brought excitement not only to the automotive industry but also to the local community in Trollhättan. With a visionary like Svante Andersson at the helm and a dedicated team backing the project, the prospects for a successful and vibrant future for the Saab factory and the NEVS Emily GT are more promising than ever.

The potential revival of the Emily GT project could see production starting at the historic Saab factory.
The potential revival of the Emily GT project could see production starting at the historic Saab factory.

As the world awaits further details on the investor and the project’s official launch, it is clear that the NEVS Emily GT’s revival (as some SAAB revival) is set to mark a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable and innovative electric vehicles. The automotive world is watching Trollhättan with bated breath, ready to witness the resurgence of an automotive legend in the form of the NEVS Emily GT.


  • I look forward to it immensely. My 9-3 convertible is now 13 years old and as good as any here, and more enjoyable. The spirit of SAAB is alive and well!

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