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E-Saab 99 – From the Scrapyard to the Electric Car

Here’s another great Saab conversion project in an electric vehicle. Found on the Finnish forums of, this Electric Saab 99 is something you have to see to believe. The silent old Saab 99 is astonishing and delightful in Tampere.

After many years spent on the scrap yard, the Red Devil started to change from a 1983 model to a modern electric car. Finnish electrical engineer Mika Leppälahti began converting a Saab from gas to electric in early 2014.

Leppälahti says that the longest long-distance traveled by E-Saab 99 has been 195 kilometers. He tells that he has spent 5,200 miles without the problem, and he completed and surveyed car in last May.

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E-Saab 99 - Self made monitoring system
E-Saab 99 – Self made monitoring system

The calculated maximum speed of the car is 245 kilometers per hour, but the car would not necessarily withstand such speeds.

A lot of work hours have sunk in the car, because Leppälahti has done everything himself. He does not know if the project that started in July 2014 will ever come to an end. But, he did it last year.

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In the next few videos, see how he did it and how much he paid attention to details in a beautiful Electric Saab 99:

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Electric Saab-99

Goran Aničić
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  • I have an old Saab 900 Convertible which is off the road but the bodywork is good. The old electrics are bad, how much to convert to be an electric car ?

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