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Don’t Leave Keys in Your Saab – It Only Takes Seconds to Steal

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In most countries of the world where there are still Saab cars and where there were more before, the most common theft of Saab cars happened when the keys were left in the vehicle or accessible to thieves. By the way, Saab cars are not too much of a target for thieves for several reasons, the primary one being that they cannot easily and quickly cash in on a stolen Saab car. Therefore, the most important thing to protect your Saab is not to leave the keys in the car unattended.

And the most common times when cars with keys in the car are stolen are winter and summer, when the outside temperatures are extremely low or extremely high. Then, car owners often turn on their cars and during the winter let them warm up for a while before driving, or during the summer leave the air conditioner running to make them more comfortable when they get back into the vehicle (and before that they go somewhere to do something quickly without locking Saab).

No matter how hot it is in the car, never leave it with the window open or the key in the lock, so that the air conditioning works while you do something nearby. Even that much is enough for a skilled thief to leave you without a car, and this is the most common method of theft lately. Also, during the summer, the open windows on the car may be one of the recipes to cool down the vehicle, but it should not be left with the keys for even five minutes.

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Criminal acts of unauthorized use of someone else’s vehicle are very common, and they are committed in such a way that the owners left the keys in the vehicle, while the vehicle was running, or the keys in the vehicle in the yard in front of the house or in some other place, thus enabling the perpetrators to enter the vehicle more easily. and they drive the car away. The police appeal to the owners not to leave the keys in the car. In that case, it literally takes seconds to steal. Even in these hot (or cold) periods, when it is important to get into a cooled car, you should not leave your keys in the vehicle in front of a store, bakery, kindergarten, school, or swimming pool.

In addition to the above, in some countries of the world you can be fined if you leave your car idling, unattended. On that occasion, the police said that the car owner probably faced a fine because you must not leave your car with the keys in it unattended.

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