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Don’t drive the wrong way out of a multi-storey car park, even in a Saab

Saab accident

A 88-year-old man died on Wednesday after falling from a storey parking lot in Hamburg. A Saab had breached a concrete wall 20 meters high and landed on the roof. It’s a scene like from an action film: On Tuesday evening a car from the multi-storey car park in the fourth floor of the shopping mall Hamburger Meile crashed onto the street

According to the German media, the octogenarian would suddenly press the accelerator, went through a parking lot and fell more than 15 meters.

The car landed on the roof leaving no chance of survival to its occupant. The rescue teams could only see the death.

The circumstances of this accident remain to be determined. Looks like it was a convertible, doesn’t matter what make of car it would have been in convertible. The circumstances of this accident remain to be determined. Local police are currently leaning towards the theory of a heart attack. An investigation has been opened.

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