SAAB Tuning

Do you think having Big 24-inch rims on a Saab is cool?

There are definitely some pros and some cons to putting larger wheels on your Saab. And everything is ok until you overdo it with size. Large diameter rims allow for larger brake rotors and calipers, which improve braking performance, and can accommodate low profile tires, which have less sidewall flex than a normal passenger tire. Also, Large rims are costly, so they’re status symbols (in some “environments”).

When ordering the Saab from new, the manufacturer offered a certain size of wheels, for the Model 9-3, Saab initially offered 16-inch wheels, 17-inches were standard, 18-inches were fro Aero modela, while the largest diameter was on the Turbo X 19-inches. Anything beyond this size would be too much.

It was similar to the old 9-5, but 9-5NG the wheel size range goes from 17 to 19 inches. Somehow the 19-inch wheels fit best for this rather large car. Some have tried larger ones, such as the casewith these 22-inch wheels and we have to admit that it fits very well with this car, but what do you think of the 24-inch wheels at 95NG?!

Most manufacturers don’t recommend going over 1-2 ” more than the original wheel size (for cars). But, these wheels are monstrously large, and we do not know at all how the owner of this car managed to insert such large wheels, but we suppose he had to make many changes to the suspension and body. Whilst the bigger rims will look much nicer filling the arches, there still has to be room for the suspension to work.

Anyway, “Plus Sizing” is not a bad thing when done properly.