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DIY – Saab 9-3 Seized Blower motor Quick Fix

Saab siezed heater motor quick fixSaab siezed heater motor quick fix

Do you have a problem: heater fan not working? Another great video the Saab guy who did a great DIY clip – How to cleaning of the EGR valve. This time, he instructs us on how to solve the problem of the Blower motor in Saab 9-3.

This type of Engines rarely seize, but when they do, it is almost always due to a long period of non-operation. So, if you happen to your heaters stops working, you would need to unblock the seized motor, or to replace it.

Yes, WD-40 is still great to use on a lot of things. WD-40 It does have an oily texture, but it does dry out and it won’t keep things lubed up forever. Now, cleaning a surface that had oil or grease on it with WD-40, and then using some Tri-flow is probably your best bet. WD-40 is a great substance, for a lot of stuff. If anything is stuck, rusty, dirty, sticky, hardened, etc… WD-40 is probably the answer.

If this does not help, you need to change the fan motor.

Open the bonnet (on the opposite side of the driver position), take out the pollen filter and stick your hand down the back. This will allow you to see if the fan motor is seized. To get the fan out, you have to take the glove box out and dismantle from inside the passenger footwell. Original, The motor is a Siemens unit made in France. It has a steel shaft running in steel bushes!! D’oh. Crass. Designed to seize.

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  • I love that almost everything can be found on Youtube now. Pretty sure any car problem can be fixed by finding a Youtube video on how to fix it.

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