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DiVitto Desperately Looking for Orange Saab 99

Orange Saab 99 EMS

Probably many of you have fond memories of the first car they had or bought from their own funds. Then, mostly that car changes hands after a few years, so we wonder if it is still being driven and in what condition. Some of us are thinking about how nice it would be to be the owner of our first car again after 20 or 30 years.

We noticed one such case when the son bought a classic Saab 96 car at auction, not knowing that the same car was once owned by his parents a long time ago. This was really a big coincidence and it is unlikely that this will happen spontaneously, unless you are specifically looking for your former car.

Let’s help him find his favorite Saab

It is on this occasion that DiVitto Kelly addressed us, who wants us to help him get to his former first car.

Hello. My name is DiVitto Kelly and I’ve owned two Saabs in my lifetime. In fact, the first car I ever owned was an orange Saab 99 Automatic. I loved that car, drove it for years before it started falling apart. I would love to find that car again. If you know anyone who has one for sale, I would be thrilled to purchase it. My phone number is (954) 649-8053 or email [email protected]. I live in South Florida, but am willing to travel to buy it.Take care.
PS: I’m a writer and wrote a short story about my treasured Saab 99. I’d love to publish somehow on this site. Thanks!

DiVitto is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently resides near the ocean in South Florida. He’s published multiple novelsand short stories and was the editor for the Seminole Tribe of Florida newspaper. He has a master’s degree in library science, is a certified diver and teaches papier mache art. He also plays bass guitar and twice performed at CBGB in NYC where he managed to break a string on both occasions.

We hope that Mr. DiVitto will find his favorite Saab 99, and that he will write a short story in which Saab will also have his role, just as one Saab has a notable role in the book “A Man Called Ove” by Swedish author Fredrik Backman.

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