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Discover the first racing weekend of the eEuro Saab 9-3 Race Car

new eEuro Saab 9-3 Race Car

This weekend, April 21-23, eEuroPartsare debuting the brand new eEuro Saab 9-3at Watkins Glen International at their third season opener for American Endurance Racing (AER). They’re entering the third year of their partnership with AER as the official parts sponsor.

As some of you have been following, they’ve been building a Saab 9-3 race car to be competitive as a class 3 race car at AER. This new car is brandishing a tuned 4cyl turbo B207 engine using Wiseco forged pistons and Molnar forged H-Beam connecting rods.

The engine is connected to a huge Do88 intercooler on one side, and a fat Krona 3in Downpipe on the other, this eEuro Saab 9-3 is lean and mean, with plenty of room to breathe.  In the cockpit eEuroParts team have a fully integrated RaceCapture digital telemetry system by Autosport Labs that will be broadcasting live online for anyone to watch, more on that later.

Welp, here we are. Qualifying is over, car is ready. We will be starting in class three, 40th place. That will put us…

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They are trying something new this year with 3 ways to follow along live.  You’ll want to bust out your 3 monitor NCIS computer system because they will be broadcasting a number of things LIVE.

If you missed this weekend live transmissions from the race, below you can see the entire footage from the first and second race day:

complete report with race and race around, see on the eeuroparts page.