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Discover the Timeless Passion of Ola Isungset, Norway’s Centenarian Saab Enthusiast

Ola Isungset (100) Drives a Modified Turbo: "I Got My License Renewed for Three More Years in November"

Ola Isungset (100) with his Saab 9000 CSE

Ola Isungset (100), a centenarian from Norway, has recently received a three-year extension on his driver’s license. Known for his unwavering loyalty to the Saab brand, Isungset has owned almost all Saab models throughout his driving career and has never considered switching to another car manufacturer.

With his passion for driving and remarkable health, Isungset continues to enjoy the thrill of the road, cruising in his cherished Saab 9000. Let’s delve into the fascinating story of Ola Isungset and his enduring love affair with Saab, and this whole great story is conveyed to us by the Norwegian media “Aftenposten” in the article “Ola Isungset (100) drives a Tuned Turbo: – In November I got the certificate for three new years“.

A Lifelong Saab Enthusiast

At the age of 100, Ola Isungset reflects on his lifelong passion for cars. Having purchased his first Saab over 60 years ago, Isungset confesses that Saab has always held a special place in his heart. He proudly shares that he has owned five different Saab models throughout the years, and his affinity for the brand is evident in the unwavering smile that graces his face.

A Double Anniversary

In February, Ola Isungset celebrated his 100th birthday, a significant milestone indeed. However, the year held another important anniversary for Isungset. In 1947, he obtained his driver’s license, marking a remarkable 76 years since he first hit the road.

Recalling the amusing details of his driving test, Isungset reminisces about meeting the examiner at a car workshop and driving up to Geilo Hotel and back. His theory test also presented an amusing moment when asked, “What should you have over your car?” to which Isungset humorously replied, “dominance.”

The Saab Journey Begins

Isungset’s automotive journey commenced in 1962 when he and his wife, Norunn, decided it was time to buy their first car. Although they were initially interested in the Triumph Herald, it was Norunn who ultimately chose the Saab after a test drive.

They purchased a brand-new, gleaming white Saab 96, which marked the beginning of their lifelong relationship with the Saab brand. Their travels with the Saab 96 took them across Europe, embarking on adventurous journeys through majestic mountain passes and even camping in Venice, Italy.

Saab Enthusiast for Life

The Saab 96 was just the start for the Isungset couple, who went on to own several other Saab models over the years. From the Saab 96 with a V4 engine in 1970 to the Saab 99, 900, and eventually the Saab 9000, Isungset’s dedication to the brand remained steadfast.

Notably, he purchased his current Saab 9000 from his trusted Saab mechanic, with whom he still meets a couple of times a week to enjoy coffee and watch Saab-related content together.

The Last Saab

Isungset proclaims that his 1997 Saab 9000 will likely be his last car. At his age, he feels that new cars, especially electric vehicles, are beyond his comfort zone. The presence of distracting screens in modern cars also dissuades him from considering newer models.

Isungset continues to drive his Saab daily, both in summer and winter, taking shorter trips during the week and longer journeys of 10-15 miles on weekends to maintain his driving skills.

The Joy of Driving

For Isungset, his car represents freedom, independence, and a connection to the world outside. Living three kilometers from the city center, his car enables him to carry out daily tasks, such as grocery shopping, and explore whenever he desires. The sense of security and the pleasure of driving are what he values most about his Saab.

Helping Others

Beyond his love for driving, Isungset has remained active in various organizations throughout his life. Attending every Lions Club meeting for over 40 years, he currently hosts a coffee gathering for fellow retirees every Monday.

After losing his wife, he recognized the importance of socializing and staying engaged with others, particularly in his advanced years. Isungset attributes his remarkable physical condition to good genes, a lifelong abstention from smoking and drinking, and a daily dose of honey, though he is uncertain if the latter truly contributes to his well-being.

As many as 18 centenarians in Norway have a driver’s license

Ola Isungset, the Norwegian centenarian and devoted Saab enthusiast, continues to enjoy the thrill of driving his beloved Saab 9000. With a recent three-year extension on his driver’s license, Isungset exemplifies the spirit of adventure, independence, and lifelong passion for cars. As one of the 18 Norwegians over the age of 100 holding valid driver’s licenses, Isungset stands as a testament to the enduring joy and freedom that driving can bring, regardless of age.


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