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Detailing Treatment Of This Saab 900 Will Make You See It Differently (video)

You can’t buy a new Saab on the market for ten years, but that’s why you can buy a used Saab, in more or less good condition, but that’s why these cars are becoming more expensive. Let us recall only these two examples of the auction sale of retro Saab cars in the last month, where the classic Saab 96 reached a sales price of over 50,000 euros.

The second car is the Saab 900 Turbo, for which the auction is still going on, and the offered price, which three days ago when we wrote the article was 25,000 USD, today reached the price of 41,000 USD, and the auction ends in four days.

In this article, we present to you the amazing detailing process that another Saab 900 Turbo has gone through, a car similar to this one whose auction will reach incredible heights. Behind this whole project are “I AM DETAILING” and “DRY ICE AUTO” that are two separate companies run by Jakub Marek from Southern California. As the name of the agency itself indicates, this detailing company deals with a special technique of “dry ice” which treats the entire lower part of the vehicle and the chassis.

Lower Saab 900 after dry ice treatment
Lower Saab 900 after dry ice treatment

The detail work on this Saab 900 Turbo was very demanding, and has consumed many hours of work. It may have cost four figures, but the end result is obvious. The detailer has cleaned all the underside of the car and the engine with dry ice and has polished the entire bodywork, with special care in all the areas and nooks and crannies that this car has. As is well known, On a black car, the swirl repair and body polishing is especially conspicuous.

Inside, a complete wash and sanitization/moisturizing of the leather seats with specific products has been opted for – it seemed to be already in a really good condition. To protect the results of the detailing, its exterior, glassware and wheels have been covered with a highly durable ceramic coating. These products are responsible for repelling dirt and external agents for a time, protecting the paint and bodywork components.

And after a detailing process, it reveals its sculptural silhouette and peculiarities in all its splendor.

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