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Demian Horst’s SAAB Future City passion Concept

SAAB Future City passion from Umea Institute of Design Degree Show 2003SAAB Future City passion from Umea Institute of Design Degree Show 2003

Demian Horst is since 2009 Programme Director for Transportation Design at Umeå Institute of Design (UID). Demian started in his current position as the youngest director for a masters programme in the history of the school.

Prior to this he has worked several years at General Motors in Germany, had a strong cooperation with Saab Automobile during his master studies, developed applied research together with Volvo Truck Corporation and also dedicated a few years in his early career to designing busses and coaches.

Transportation Design is one of three MA courses offered at the Umeå Institute of Design – the others are Advanced Product Design and Interaction Design. Every year for the students of this faculty organized the design competition.  Students must have a first degree in industrial design or equivalent to be considered for the course.

Saab concept by Demian Horst (Photo by Brett Patterson)
Saab concept by Demian Horst (Photo by Brett Patterson)

Just at that time, 2003. demina worked on the concept of a small city car – SAAB Future City car designed to provide a better travelling experience in a future urban scenario. Saab Future City Passion is a recreational cabriolet targeted at the urban generation Y for the year 2023. Demian has worked in collaboration Saab Automobile AB for this project.

Demian Horst - (Photo by Mattias Pettersson)
Demian Horst in design studio – (Photo by Mattias Pettersson)

The Concept vehicles telematic system features an advanced navigation layer displayed on the wraparound cockpit visor.

It also uses the surrounding urban environment as a rich source of entertainment, where according to the passengers interests, city landmarks and opportunities are highlighted on the visor. The vehicle features a unique hardtop roof system, with the entire glass visor moving down to a minimal ‘information display’ level.

Interview with Demian Horst: Pushing boundaries of future automotive design | Covestro at K 2016


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