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Dangerous Driving: Insane Overtaking

Traffic accidents and collisions on roads around the world are everyday, and in the vast majority of cases, the cause is the human factor (dangerous driving), i.e. irresponsible road users. Most of them are car drivers, but motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians are not far behind.

One such drastic example of irresponsible and one might say insane traffic behavior was recorded recently on a road in Poland.

The vehicle in which the daash camera was installed was moving regularly in accordance with all traffic regulations, and within the speed limit. However, this speed somehow “provoked” the Saba 9-3 driver who was behind the camera vehicle. It all started with an attempt to overtake across the single and double continuous line, but the Saab driver continued with new violations of traffic regulations, thus moving in the opposite lane, past the pedestrian refuge islands and the intersection.

Only sheer luck saved the Saab driver, as well as other road users coming from the opposite direction, from a direct collision and severe consequences. The Saab driver returned to his lane just before a Volkswagen van came from the opposite direction. Thus, he brought all road users to a dangerous situation. If at that moment the driver of the VW van was driving at a higher speed, a direct collision could have occurred.

Also, at the same time, Pedestrian could have come across and passed through the crossing, and he would not have been noticed in time. For such a compilation of offenses, the driver of a Swedish car should lose his driver’s license. Maybe only then he would realize what he had done.



  • Such overtaking you see in holland all the time (after tailgating you for a km…); it never goes fast enough, everybody makes their own rules there, especially Audi and VW Golf drivers are terrible.

  • I’ve seen it happen in other European countries and the United States; speed limits and regulations are ignored by people who just have to go faster. For example, a double yellow line in the US means “no overtaking”; this indicates an area where the risk of collisions with oncoming traffic is significant. Many drivers routinely ignore the warning, however, and put everyone at risk. In fact, it seems that some drivers insist on driving on or over the dividing line, as if their lane is not wide enough. It all gets down to selfishness, lack of respect, and stupidity.

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