SAAB Tuning

Custom tuned Saab 9-5 SE Stage 6 (413hp)

Saab 9-5 SE at Dyno

This is custom super-tuned Saab 9-5 SE Aero from Breda (Holland) by  “Autobedrijf Peter Mink” Saab service. Owner of this service is Peter Mink who was infected about 40 years ago with the Saab “virus”. He has long found that SAAB engineering is fantastic. Over the years, he has grown further in the car business.

In 2011 he started in Breda Autobedrijf Peter Mink. He has chosen not to become a Saab dealer, but the technical side appeals to him the most. Because of his love for the brand, he knows the cars like no other.

Tuned Saab engine

Ivo Mulder has been working as a mechanic from the start of Peter Mink Saab Service. Some time ago the team was expanded with two new mechanics: Wouter Bastiaansen and his son Max Mink.

Tuned Saab 9-5

This Saab 9-5 is project car of Peter’s son Max. work on the project car began in 2013 and has been constantly done on a car for years. Results are fantastic: 413hp at the wheels. 1,6 bar at time. Now running 1,8 with around 500 at the wheels

If anyone is interested, here’s the list of modifications on the car:


  • forged pistons
  • forged connecting rods
  • B2x4 engine block
  • Biopower cylinder head
  • B202 cams with adjustable gears
  • Custom build turbo (+/- GT28)
  • 875cc injectors
  • E85
  • 275 LPH henko fuel pump
  • 600 NM sach racing clutch.
  • Alu intercooler
  • Custom intake
  • Full 3´´ exhaust with 200 cels race cat


  • front and Rear Bilstein B8 with -3cm lowering eibach springs.
  • Speedparts strutbrace
  • Wishbone power flex busings


  • 3.0 TID gearbox
  • LSD


  • Front maptun big brake kit (330mm, 4 pots calipers)
  • rear 300mm 9-5 brakes
  • Steel brake lines


  • Full aero look
  • painted door handels an rubbing strips
  • Saab 18´´ alu 65 rims


  • Saab 9-5 Aero seats
  • Aero steering wheel

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