Custom Saab 95 V4 Hot Rod

Saab 95 hot rodSaab 95 hot rod

Here we have a 1971 Saab 95 V4, once the very best, now just a shadow of it’s former self. This amazing Black Saab 95  is equipped with a completely refurbished Ford Taunus-sourced 1,498-cc V4 engine that here rocks the modernity of fuel injection and electronic ignition.

It’s is also blown – and not in the rod through the block fashion, but by a roots-type kompressor proudly punching through the pointy part of the car’s hood like a fist of fury though Ikea particleboard. From the front that blower with its double barrel sawed off intakes, along with the ominous black paint, gives the car a whole lotta’ Mad Max appeal.


Saab 95 v4
Custom Black Saab 95 v4

Pop open either of the side doors and you’ll be confronted by an interior that’s again mostly stock, but that contains some unique add-ons – you know, so you can pick it out from the crowd. First off, there’s a red anodized baseball bat clipped to the driver’s door.

Saab 95

If you like entertainment options that don’t include the blower’s whine, there’s a ceiling-mounted 10″ TV screen hooked up to a DVD player too.

Saab 95 blower

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