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Custom Gauge Pods for Saab cars

Saab 9-3 Custom Gauge PodsSaab 9-3 Custom Gauge Pods

On the global market, there are currently a large number of companies that offer Custom Gauge Pods – upgrades for various types of cars.

One of such companies is Ortiz Custom Pods, the company offers offers these Gauges and Custom Gauge Pods for a large number of brands, including the special Gauge Pods for Saab cars.

Saab custom Gauge pod

Currently, the company offers 13 different Custom Gauge Pods for the Saab models 9-3 and Saab 9-5. Their products are Specifically designed for SAAB cars, while bringing a unique look and style to Saab’s interior.

2005 Saab 9-5 - Dual Cluster - OCPS-11
2005 Saab 9-5 – Dual Cluster – OCPS-11

These custom pods are currently offered in a rough black matte style while still offering the user’s ability to paint the pod if needed. Each custom pod is crafted from the original OEM part and customized for a unique look. Prices of these gadgets for Saab range from $45 to $200.

2007 2013 Saab 9-3 - Dual Cluster - OCPS-8
2007-2013 Saab 9-3 – Dual Cluster – OCPS-8

Ortiz Custom Pods began as a hobby for twin brothers Gabriel and Manuel Ortiz, in 2005. They were always coming up with new ideas for new gauge pods for their vehicles. In 2009, the brothers created a home-shop where the “Ortiz Custom Pods” brand began. When the demand for these gauge pods grew, the company expanded.