Custom 3D-printed parts for your SAAB

Saab 3D Parts3D Saab Parts

Umeå Hackerspace have invested in a few 3D-printers and they are now offering toprint 3D parts on them for people that need special parts for projects and such.

They have one Ultimaker Original+ that prints down to 20microns in layer hight. And one Lulzbot TAZ-4, it also has 20 microns in layer height. They can print PLA, ABS, HIPS, Polycarbonate, Carbon fiber, wood, Flex, bronze and a stone filament. (The CF, Wood, Bronze and Stone filaments are still plastic but they have added materials to them.) The carbon fiber filament is crazy strong!

Saab 9-3x 3D model
Saab 9-3x 3D model

At the moment They only have PLA ABS and HIPS plastic in stock for printing, but they will get the filament needed for your part.

Prizing starts at 0.6 €/meter filament. (a cube that is 1x1x1cm is about 0.1 meter of filament)
And they also take out a fee on the work that they need to do. It’s 12€ (not printer time, just setup time). The printer fee is 1.5 €/hour.

A typical print would be 0.6€ filament cost + 12€ setup + 4.5€ print time total 17.1€ to get your custom part. + shipping. Please, ask me anything you want to know and I’m sure we can help you.

Umeå Hackerspace is an non-profit organization composed of technical and design interested persons, so no one gets any money to do this, they just want to cover their cost of printing it and also help them pay the rent.

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