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Crazy Decorated Saab Convertible

This can only be seen on the streets of London, or Delhi. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, according to the sort of people who quote sage proverbs, and that proved truer than ever on London streets these days.  It was reminiscent of walking through Park Street in Kolkata (India) on Christmas Day.

A bizarre video clip has emerged from London, UK of an insanely decorated Saab 9-3 Convertible driving through the city. Every inch of the vehicle is painted in bright colours or covered in flowers and the driver is himself dressed head to toe in a colourful floral outfit. You can see a crazy vehicle and a mini interview with the owner of the vehicle below:

We do not agree with the style and choice of the owner of this unrecognizable convertible. Unfortunately,  It has ruined a decent Saab… Though, some still have a different opinion, so they say – Have to say that there is nothing wrong with this engagement, and you can say what you want, but if you love your Saab you do!

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