Countdown to Revelation: Unveiling the Enigmatic Buyer of NEVS Emily GT Project and the Resurgence of Trollhättan Production

A Potential Revival: Plans for Electric Car Production in Saab Factory Near Completion

Sneak Peek into the Future: NEVS Emily GT Prototype, Soon to Potentially Ignite a New Era of Production in Trollhättan.Sneak Peek into the Future: NEVS Emily GT Prototype, Soon to Potentially Ignite a New Era of Production in Trollhättan.

In a significant development, negotiations regarding the revival of car manufacturing in the former Saab factory located in Trollhättan, Sweden, are on the brink of conclusion, as reported by Swedish radio program Ekot. A secretive buyer, reportedly with ties to Switzerland, is on the verge of being revealed in a matter of weeks. This prospective deal revolves around the production of the Nevs Emily GT electric car, representing a remarkable endeavor in the automotive industry.

The Secretive Negotiations

Throughout the summer, clandestine negotiations have been underway to kickstart the production of the Nevs Emily GT electric car within the premises of the long-dormant Saab factory. The entire electric car project is poised to be sold to an undisclosed buyer, a transaction that has been shrouded in secrecy. Ekot reveals that the agreement has reached an advanced stage, with a memorandum of understanding in place and the final contract near completion.

Nina Selande behind the wheel of one of the NEVS Emily GT prototypes
Nina Selande behind the wheel of one of the NEVS Emily GT prototypes

The identity of the buyer remains concealed, though connections to Switzerland have been hinted at. The sale of the Nevs Emily GT electric car project was initiated prior to the summer, following a period of inactivity for the company Nevs. The company’s CEO, Nina Selander, shared details of the covert project with the press, calling for potential buyers. This strategy appears to have yielded positive results.

The Innovative Nevs Emily GT

Distinguished by its wheel motor technology and the potential for a substantial battery providing a range exceeding 1000 kiloemters, the Nevs Emily GT boasts groundbreaking features. This prospective endeavor holds the promise of creating employment opportunities for up to 2,000 individuals within the confines of the dormant Saab factory.

However, Ekot’s sources indicate that the project also carries significant risks, demanding substantial venture capital—potentially in the billions of Swedish kronor—to transform prototypes into a viable production enterprise.

Svante Andersson: "I know who they are but it's not something I want to talk about. It may come from Nevs but I can say that it is a significant part of the factory that they will use, also offices and they need to employ a large number of employees"

Challenges and Revival of the Saab Factory

The Saab factory has lain mostly dormant for over a dozen years, with sporadic use. Svante Andersson, the new owner, attests that certain components of the factory still hold considerable value. The factory’s rejuvenation could potentially pave the way for the resurgence of car production in Trollhättan. However, the moniker of the forthcoming car remains a mystery. Saab Group, a weapons manufacturer, has affirmed that they will retain the rights to the Saab brand name.

The Road Ahead

Revitalizing Nevs through the Sale of the Emily Project

Nevs, a beleaguered electric car company, appears to be on the verge of selling its much-discussed electric car project, Emily. Insider reports suggest that final negotiations are underway, and pending successful completion, the agreement could be made public within weeks, aligning with the company’s plans.

The potential buyer, hailing from Europe and reportedly linked to Switzerland, has remained undisclosed. The transaction, if successful, could herald a revival of automotive manufacturing in Trollhättan, with the potential to create numerous job opportunities.

Unlike the current electric vehicles sold on the market, this is a real sports sedan
Unlike the current electric vehicles sold on the market, this is a real sports sedan

A preliminary agreement, termed a letter of intent, had been previously established. The current phase of negotiations focuses on solidifying the details of the purchase of the electric car project.

Prospects and Concerns

The envisaged purchaser envisions the production of the electric car in Trollhättan, possibly generating up to 2,000 jobs in the long run. However, insiders caution against overly optimistic predictions, deeming the endeavor a high-risk venture.

One source deeply familiar with the electric car project voices skepticism about the feasibility of creating such a significant number of new jobs, characterizing the endeavor as a high-risk proposition. The source candidly likens the venture to potentially squandering funds.

The NEVS Emily GT, according to Top Gear's Tom Ford, feels like a normal electric super saloon with fast acceleration, precise steering, and impressive handling capabilities, making it a truly remarkable driving experience.
The NEVS Emily GT, according to Top Gear’s Tom Ford, feels like a normal electric super saloon with fast acceleration, precise steering, and impressive handling capabilities, making it a truly remarkable driving experience.

Development Challenges

Presently, only a handful of prototypes of the Emily electric car exist. The transition from prototypes to production-ready vehicles necessitates substantial developmental work. Insider information indicates that this process could cost several billion Swedish kronor. The resources required would encompass both the comprehensive development of the electric car and the establishment of production capabilities in Trollhättan.

Notably, the last instance of substantial-scale car production in the factory predates the bankruptcy of Saab Automobiles, over twelve years ago.

Waiting for the secret buyer

The spotlight remains trained on Nevs’ Nevs Emily GT electric car project, poised to potentially rejuvenate the Saab factory and reignite the automotive industry in Trollhättan. The forthcoming weeks are expected to bring revelations about the enigmatic buyer, unveiling a significant step toward reviving the factory and fostering economic growth.

However, the venture is not devoid of risks, as the journey from prototypes to production-ready vehicles demands substantial investment and technical expertise. The outcome of this ambitious undertaking is poised to shape the future of the Saab factory and contribute to the evolution of the electric car industry in Sweden and beyond.


  • It is sad to hear. There are no reliable car manufacturers in Switzerland and the only name that comes to mind is Rinspeed, a company devoted to concept cars. Definitely a high risk proposition. It would be safer for an investment fund to keep NEVsS in the hands of its current team and provide financing than trust a company with zero experience in car manufacturing and a somewhat dubious trajectory.

    Wish them all the best but doesn’t sound good. Saab cars deserve better.

  • Hope they call it Saab or something connected with the company i.e. sonnet It will be great to see Saab back they have been away too long. I hope it keeps the distinctive touches which they used to have which made them special

  • Except for the wheels that body styling looks very attractive. Is this going to be an EV or a hybrid? A turbo V6 would be nice, too.

  • Fantastiska nyheter! En gammal vän till mig provkörde en tidig prototyp av SAAB 9-3 med en motor i varje hjul… i Linköping på SAAB, tror det var runt 2009…

  • My best guess is that ABB (swedish-Swiss tech giant) is the secret European buyer of Emily GT and the selfdriving PONS technology.
    ABB is partially owned by Investor company, that is bankrolled by the Wallenberg Family, that has investments in Defense maker Saab, previously owned parts of Saab Scania, and also fund parts of the Saab Museum through it charities.
    My hope is that this be the beginning of a new company name Sonett. A name connected to performance models made by Saab in the 50s, 60s & 70s.
    Making an evoulution similar to Polestar previously being Volvos performance brand, and now set out on an independent journey, purely electrified and high-end.

  • Again it wasn’t designed by Swedish engineers it was designed by Swedish employees who worked NEV’s a Chinese electric who never amounted to anything business. We had to Dutch lawyer for a year and a half. Then he went home after he ran out of GMs Buick lacrosse Mexican parts which was badge 9-5NG. We had at least 2 buyers who wanted to buy SAAB after he went home but GM cut Saabs throat. Saab is no more and never will be.

  • Hej Jan-Erik nedräkningen har börjat för Emeli GT vi håller tummarna för att projektet går i hamn till veckan idag finns 5 stycken varav en som inte är körd, har vetat sedan ett tag om projektet det var väldigt hemligt. Det var starkt att bygga 5 stycken på 9 månader, det var erfarna och duktiga som visste vad dom gjorde.👍😝

    Det var skickliga killar som fixade fram NEVS Emely GT på 9-månader, vi i Trollhättan är stolta över att ha sådana skickliga personer. Nu håller vi tummarna för att allt går i lås till veckan.👍👍😎

  • So Switzerland (?). So obviously not a big European Car Manufacturer we were all hoping for. Which would have been the best option. It better not be an Investment Company that can’t show money in advance, because that has not gone well in NEVS past. And will “be revealed in a couple of weeks”. Just reveal them. Why the prolonged secrecy.

  • To Renato Paoli > A big manufacturer would perhaps just make the Emily one of their own models. It would probably just end up being GM all over again.
    To my understanding, the new owners aren’t technically Swiss. It’s two Swedish companies with a swiss owner. So potentially very deep pockets.

  • Well it’s not going to be cheap. But is they can undercut the Audi GT Etron, Lucid, Merc EQS and Tesla model S then I think they could be onto a winner.
    Especially the yanks and have that European build quality.
    The biggest thing is not to over estimate the range, as we now see tesla in lawsuits for falsely claiming their ranges.

  • I’m CRAZY in love with this car “so this is not healthy” 🤪 can’t just be because I’m Swedish🤔

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