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Club Saab España: A beautiful drive through “La Suiza Manchega”

The Saab Club Spain (Club Saab España) also organized this year’s spring tour for its members through interesting parts of Spain.

Last Sunday, March 23 – thanks to the initiative of theri member Manuel – a one day ride was held in one of the most beautiful parts of Albacete mountain range, Castilla La Mancha region.

Between winter and spring, the fifteen attendants in their Swedish mounts enjoyed a scenic, lonely and –of course- curvy whose destination was the incredible village of Aýna, a region’s treasure that gave them the best of its gastronomy and oenology. It is located in Ayna, known as “ La Suiza Manchega” in the Southeast of Albacete and in the canyon of Mundo River.

Saab club Spain members

Excursions like this one are common in their Club. They invite you to join them and enrich with your presence the very good atmosphere they try to create. You can contact us at or write to



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