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Close-up look at the rare Saab V8 engine

Saab V8 engine

Close-up look at the rare Saab V8 engine, made in Finland in 1989. The Saab V8 engine engineering in Finland in late 1980s – four stroke spark-ignition prototype.

Director of the SAAB-Valmet Uusikaupunki car factory, had the idea for a SAAB V8 on one of his trips to United States. People loved the SAAB 900 Cabriolet in the U.S., but thought that two-litre inline fours were better suited to lawn mowers – even if they had a Turbo. Linnoinen’s vision was to design and build V8 SAAB for the American market in Finland.

Saab 9000 CD 4.0 V8 32V "Saab-Valmet Edition"
Saab 9000 CD 4.0 V8 32V “Saab-Valmet Edition”

The result of his efforts can be seen in the following video clip. Five engines completed in 1989, and never entered serial production stage. Deplacement was 4 liters, and generated power 300hp:

As you probably already read, General Motors became a partner in Saab Automobile and instead wanted Saab to use their new V6, which resulted in the scrapping of the project

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