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Citizen Complaints About the Saab Hoarder in the Polish City of Szczecin

Saab hoarder point

A local website that deals with regional current events around the Polish city of Szczecin, yesterday published an interesting (for us Saab fans) story about a local Saab hoarder that allegedly occupied public space with a large number of Saab cars. As indicated in the title of the text, there is a large number of abandoned Saab cars in Kartuska Street, and local residents are asking for this “waste” to be removed.

According to the inhabitants, this situation has been going on for many months. Neither phone calls to the municipal police nor messages to the car owner left at the junkyard help. – “I thought that such places are only in American movies, where you leave cars in large parking lots and slowly take out valuable parts. Here we have a large area, partly green and dozens of old, rusty, damaged SAAB cars” – A local resident told a Polish website.

He brings Saab cars from all over Europe

The topic of abandoned Saab cars appeared, among other things, on the Facebook group of the mayor of Szczecin. Residents are outraged that the car depot takes up a lot of space and cars are damaged and can pose a threat.

Among the many Saab wrecks is a blue, well-preserved 9-3 with British plates
Among the many Saab wrecks is a blue, well-preserved 9-3 with British plates

The problem concerns the location of Kartuška Street 3-5 in Szczecin, where since time immemorial a fan of SAAB vehicles has built a private parking lot, where he can leave his cars. I remember that a few years ago I came to the municipal police patrol in that place and then they assured him that the cars would be towed away. Can the municipal police do their job properly for once?“, asks one of the locals. “Will someone ever force the owner to remove these wrecks?

Local residents also point out that cars are constantly growing in this place. “He’s bringing them from all over Europe,” said one of the readers of the mayor web forum.

In an interview with the portal, the spokeswoman of the Szczecin city guard, Joanna Wojtach, admitted that the topic was complicated. She denied that the city guards were inactive on this topic. – “The owner’s responsibility is to make sure that the cars disappear from such areas. As a city guard, we can tow the vehicle away after exhausting all means of pressure on the owner. If we do that, the cars go to the parking lot and getting a refund for the commune borders on a miracle. We try to come first to the owner of the vehicle” – explains Joanna Wojtach, spokeswoman for the municipal police in Szczecin.

Abandoned Saabs overgrown with grass
Abandoned Saabs overgrown with grass

The owners have already removed five vehicles according to our instructions, we towed one according to the order of the city administrator, and now we have four more applications from the administrator on our desk. The vehicles will be towed in the coming days. We know there are more vehicles. The area is divided, on one side is a classic carriageway, and on the other is private property – says Joanna Wojtach.

In addition to several Saab cars, where we can see exotic models like the Saab 9-3 Viggen and many 9-3, 900 and 9-5 models, convertibles, there are several other cars of other brands and owners. Certainly, the most interesting is the blue 9-3 Viggen with British plates, which somehow got from Britain to Poland, and this Saab car dump. Perhaps this story and the appeal of the local authorities will persuade Saab owners to take care of these great cars, and possibly exchange cars and Saab parts with someone.

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